Pop by and visit – church is open!

97F00652-9C59-4030-A070-DE122948509C29C5E965-A891-48C6-8EF2-1CBED4253B15Friends! Although our services are cancelled physically in church, our church is open for individuals/household groups to visit. It might help as a little excursion from home. Over the coming weeks you will find a few things there to do. 2 things so far:
1) Please come and leave a message or prayer on our board in the porch. It is a trace you were there, even if we were not there all at the same time!
2) Children! If you live locally but have not received your little Easter book from us via your school by the end of today, pop in and pick one up from the book table at the back of church.

We are encouraged to pop in at church, just not gather, and we do need to practice social distancing so if you arrive and find others please just keep your distance and call across to one another. If it’s too busy, have a walk round the church yard, say hi to the sheep and then pop in again a bit later!

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