Covid19: Ludgershall Pharmacy Update

Ludgershall Pharmacy update 25th March 2020

Please avoid phoning the Ludgershall Pharmacy unless you really have to.

Our local Pharmacy has experienced unprecedented numbers of phone calls in the last few days and constantly trying to answer the phone only slows down the Pharmacy staff’s ability to dispense prescriptions for everyone.

Our Vicar, Revd Tim, has a team of volunteers helping us with managing our queue and helping to speed up the process of people collecting their prescriptions as much as we can. (Thank you to almost everyone for trying to maintain the 2m social-distancing guidelines.)

If you don’t have a neighbour or family members of friends who can pick up your prescription for you, please email Help Your Neighbour – Wiltshire and Revd Tim can pick it up for you and his team will deliver your prescription to your door.

Unfortunately this service is only available to you if you are over-60 or if you don’t have to pay for your prescriptions because we can’t take money to pay for prescriptions.

To request home-delivery please email Help Your Neighbour – Wiltshire (this is your quickest option) or leave an answerphone message on 07824 445291.

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