A prayerful walk for Pentecost

Hello everyone. Wondering what to do over the weekend, or perhaps one day this week? Here is a circular prayerful walking route which leads up to a viewpoint that looks across the parish of Ludgershall and Faberstown and glimpses St James Church tower. This walk can either be walked as a whole or in parts. Start and finish where you like. When you reach the viewpoint, please consider saying a prayer asking God to bless our community.

Please remember that some areas are stony and a bit rough underfoot so please wear stout shoes or walking boots and perhaps consider taking a walking stick. The ground is very dry and dusty in parts. The walk along Bulls Drove is a track and when you fork left it is quite steep but the view as you come down the other side leading to Crawlboys Lane is worth it! Our viewing point is as you come down, and we’ve included a picture so you can see what you are aiming for!

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