Removal of our Horse Chestnut Tree

Friends, sadly, our well-loved churchyard horse chestnut tree has been condemned due to severe cracking in its structure, which as you probably know resulted in the dangerous bough drop across the hedge and into the street recently.
Arrangements are in hand to remove the danger without delay, and Wiltshire County Council approved conservation contractors plan this work for next week, starting on Tuesday.
The church road cones will be set out each evening before work is planned the next day. Heavy machinery is needed, so please keep the area clear of parked vehicles.
The tree and its roots are to be removed entirely at what seems to be a massive cost to our church so if you can help with a donation posted to Rev’d Tim at the Rectory, we would be delighted. We shall be seeking grant(s) where we can, in due course.
Meanwhile the Parochial Church Council have accepted Mike Dunning’s offer to gift a replacement specimen tree as soon as possible. This might take the form of a weeping silver birch, a cedar, a Scots pine, or any other suitable candidates from which a PCC choice can be made. If you have a preference or any other suggestions, we would be delighted to include them in the process.


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