Sunday 16th August

Sunday 16th August
A number of different ways of joining our worship are open to you on Sundays during August. Whichever you choose, we pray it will be a blessing to you and we are glad to welcome you.

In person : join us in St James’ Churchyard for a short socially distanced outdoor service at 10am. We have a small number of chairs available, so if you have a folding chair or a picnic blanket you could bring, that’s very helpful. Come ready to worship with a brolly/raincoat to hand as we never know what the weather will do on the day!

Also at 10am, our friends at Castledown FM will broadcast a prerecorded service similar to those we have enjoyed over the last few months, and this will also be available at 10am on our Facebook page, for anyone who prefers to participate in the service that way. We had one or two issues last week, which we hope to have resolved.

As usual, you can find a service sheet for the radio/fb service at this link so you can follow along with the singing at home: We continue to meet in Jesus’ Name, however we can, and are glad of your fellowship with us.

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