Exciting Stained Glass Window Project

We are super excited about our Stained Glass Window project for St James! Artist, Rev’d Sophie Hacker specialises in Church Art, and here she tells us about creating the window and why she is excited to be part of the project:

“After a long period of gestation it is absolutely glorious to finally start work on this project – the window of Saint James Ludgershall. It is a design inspired by the story of the town and its historical associations with the Armed Forces, and by the eternal reality of hope offered by the Christian faith. The resurrection takes centre stage rendering in beautiful silvered golden glass.

The window will be acid etched and painted in a rich range of textures and tones but still BA5995BC-DD96-499A-9742-D82324190350allows slight sunshine to stream into the south chapel. After the stresses and worries of lockdown I am particularly loving the soaring open blues, representing both the skies of Salisbury Plain and also the spiritual realm where all people are free. I hope you will like it.”

If Sophie’s words inspire you, and you like you would like to be part of this project, you can do so by making a contribution to the cost of this stained glass window, at this link to our website: https://stjamesludgershall.com/donations/ The total cost of the window is £20,000, half of which has already been raised and allowed Sophie to start making it. Perhaps you would like to sponsor a piece of glass. Here at St James, we think this is a really special project, reaching out not only to the folk who worship here regularly, but to everyone who has connections to this place and our wider community. Donations of any size will be warmly welcomed, so don’t be put off getting involved – we would love to draw together in making this window into a collective gift from our present community to the one of the future.


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