Voluntary Giving Envelopes

A message from our lovely treasurer, Michael Meade:

“Voluntary Giving Envelopes: The present set of weekly giving envelopes will finish at the end of this month and new ones for the next 12 months will be available from Sunday 20 September. Anyone who would like to join the scheme should contact me, Michael Meade, as soon as convenient.
Anyone who no longer needs envelopes because they are giving through the bank either by standing order or through the Parish Giving Scheme should also contact me. Thank you.”

You can ring Michael on 01264 790262 or email him at mm.saiwen@ntlworld.com

You can also find out more about the Parish Giving Scheme and other electronic means of giving at the ‘Donations’ tab at the top of this page. Thanks to everyone who supports our church ministry financially.

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