Farewell to Rev’d Jimmy

It is with a tinge of sadness that we share with you the joyful news that our Rev’d Jimmy has come to the end of his curacy (training time with us) and has got a wonderful new job, ministering in Dorchester. He and his lovely wife, Lydia, will be moving at the end of June. You are warmly invited to a farewell service on the evening of Sunday 27th June at 6pm, where we will worship together, pray for their ministry in their new place, and give thanks for their time and work here.

We will be preparing a gift, so if you would like to make a contribution to that gift, please either give at this link, https://pay.collctiv.com/revd-jimmys-farewell-gift-9779 or give by putting your donation in a clearly labelled envelope through the door of the Rectory at 10 St James Street. Our gift will be a token of our affection for Jimmy and Lydia and our best wishes for their future. Thank you.

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