Covenant Service Sunday 30th January at 4pm

Covenant Service Sunday 30th January 2022 at 4pm: join us for a special service to recommit ourselves to God for this new year. This service is in addition to our regular 10am Sunday Service. Below, Rev’d Dr Peter Howson, who will lead the service provides more information.

“As has become customary I have been asked to lead a ‘Covenant Service’ at St James. As in previous years this Methodist contribution to the world church is being celebrated on the afternoon of the last Sunday in January. This year it will be at 4 pm on Sunday 30 January 2022. The service includes the sacrament of Holy Communion. This service is held at the beginning of the year to mark the renewal of the promises that God has made to us and that we make to him in response. It begins with the opportunity to reflect on ourselves. It then reminds us of God’s promises to us in Jesus. Finally we are invited to make our response. The Covenant prayer we say together is a solemn one with words that offer challenge as well as comfort. Not everyone is happy to say them and that is why it is a service to which people are invited to attend. For me it has been, for the whole of my adult life, a special service which helps me to move forward into a new year. I will be my privilege again to lead a service now recognised by the Church of England for the congregation that gathers at St James.”

Rev’d Dr Peter Howson.

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