2015-12-08 18.05.20Banns are the public announcement of your intention to marry in church, and unless you are getting married via a licence (which tends to cost more) you will need to organise “getting the Banns called”.  They are called three times, each time in a main church service, and people are allowed to object to your wedding if they believe it is unlawful (for example if you are already married to someone else!).

If you are getting married you will normally need to have your banns called in the following places:-

  • the church which is your parish church for where you each live (you can work that out using this website.) That means if you and your intended spouse live separately, you may each need to have Banns called in different churches.
  • the church in which you are getting married.

So if you both live in the parish where you are getting married you only need them called in that church.

But if you live in one place, your intended spouse lives somewhere else, and you are getting married in another place, you may need them called in three different churches.

It can get complicated, so please check with the person who is marrying you if you are unsure.

If you need your Banns called at St James’ church because you live here, but are getting married somewhere else, please contact the Rector who will let you know what you need to do.