Ride & Stride 14th September 2019

Ride & Stride 2019 is on Saturday 14th September, a day when churches are open for visitors and we are encouraged to ride our bikes or walk to visit them. St James Ludgershall and Holy Trinity Tidworth are participating and will be open for cakes and refreshments between 2 and 4pm. Our striders will be heading for Upper Chute, leaving the church gate at 1:30pm, with a lift available back again so we don’t miss the cakes! Riders are many and various, some heading to Upper Chute, some to Holy Trinity, and other more ambitious riders time trialling in #racetherector – more details on routes for that to come so watch this space! 🤩🚴🏼‍♂️🚵🏼‍♂️🚵‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚶🏼‍♂️🚶‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️ You might like to sponsor our participants using the form at the door of church, or make a donation. Thank you. And whether you ride, stride or neither, come and eat cake!462A0734-5F6C-4FE0-B75C-D6DDB76B4533

August Coffee Mornings

Every Friday morning from 10am during August, our coffee morning will be open in the Church Hall. Do come along for a drink and refreshments, and a chat. We open in the Church Hall while the regular Friday Club Coffee Morning team who run the regular coffee morning in the Memorial Hall close for a well earned summer break. All welcome in the Church Hall in the meantime!D05E75FE-5EDD-4B8F-9BE0-7D0F90E1B95E

What’s The Story Summer 2019

What’s The Story returns every Thursday in August, 9:30-11am for Bible storytelling, games, craft and lots of fun for 0-5 year olds, plus older siblings, with their carers/parents. We even provide a snack and a drink. Join us in the church for our first summer session on Thursday 1st August! We are excited to meet up again with our regulars, and hopefully welcome some new faces too! image

Thrive Learning Group

933E6031-EBB5-4E3D-B9C6-B40924105F25A team from Holy Trinity, Tidworth and St James, Ludgershall have formed a Thrive Learning Community alongside other Benefices and Parishes in the Ramsbury Area. We met in the middle of June for two very long and full days that were focused on our journey so far, who were are and where we have come from. We began the course by using post-it notes and string to construct a bayeux-tapestry-style story of the small villages of North and South Tidworth being subjected to a serious of invasions by the British Army, first in 1914 and then again and again over the decades with the largest invading force coming to Tidworth this summer as the Army ramps up its re-basing program.
From the very start we knew that we were going to have fun on this course but we were all surprised by the boldness of our vision after only two days of reflecting on where we had come from and wondering where God might lead us next. To say that our vision for 2022 is ambitious would be an understatement of epic proportions but  there was something about the way that the course was run that freed us to dream dreams boldly and with a real sense of hope, even if the timescale might be unrealistic. It was a brilliant couple of days and we all came away from the course exhausted but encouraged, and looking forward to our next meeting at the end of November when we’ll be considering Leadership!

16th June Trinity Sunday

On Sunday 16th June, you are warmly invited to join us at 11am at Holy Trinity Church in Tidworth, our sister church in the Benefice, to celebrate their birthday. Our service starts at 11am, and there will be a delicious hog roast for lunch afterwards. It’s a free event, hoping you will join us. Everyone is invited! 

Please note, this is advance warning that there will not be a morning service at St James that Sunday, because we will all be at Holy Trinity! CCBE0A6F-0D2D-4B97-A3BE-8BE29921B9F1