Rotas and helpful people

There are lots of opportunities to get involved at St James, both in front and behind the scenes.

Contacts are given for the various activities – if you have gifts and skills to offer, please don’t be shy, tell us about them.

Reading in church – Michael Meade, 01264 790262, mm.saiwen[at]

Coffee after church on Sundays – Sarah Charman

Flower Rota – Janet Robinson

Intercessions (prayers) – Michael Meade, 01264 790262, mm.saiwen[at]

Magazine contributions – Michael Meade, 01264 790262,

Cleaning the church –

Cleaning the brass –

Gardening – Mike Dunning, 01264 398602, mike.dunning5[at]

Shell Seekers – Julie Walker, 01264 790448, julie.walker70[at]

Toddler Church – Ros Leverett,

Open the Book – Anne Wise

Home Groups – Ros Leverett,


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