What’s The Story

What’s The Story returns on Friday 29th October, for 0-5 year olds, and primary aged children, with their parents or carers. Interactive Bible Storytelling, activities and craft, starting in the church at 9:30am where there is plenty of space to roam around. This is a free session, and usually lasts about an hour. We look forward to welcoming regulars and new folk alike!

Wiltshire Creative Music and Craft Fri 22nd October

If you are looking for something to do tomorrow afternoon, all ages are welcome to this music and craft afternoon in the church and church hall. It’s free, run by Wiltshire Creative, but you do have to book your free tickets at this link: https://www.wiltshirecreative.co.uk/whats-on/outdoor-events/wiltshire-creative-ludgershall/
Our church volunteers will be serving the cake and refreshments. All welcome!

Christmas Gift Box Appeal, supporting the Food Bank

We are currently collecting items for the Food Bank Christmas Shoe Box Appeal. If you would like to donate, please refer to the leaflet or link for details on gifts and leave them in church, so we can arrange deliver them to the Food Bank. Our closing date for donations is 10th November. Thank you!

Lord, give me your lantern and compass!

Children’s Church were considering Psalm 43 today, in which the Psalmist expressed feelings of anger and disappointment with God, but during his song asks God to help him to keep seeking God and the way ahead! 🧭Whatever our feelings, we can express them to God, who cares deeply for us, even negative feelings. We made compasses as our creative response. Big themes to explore – well done, all!

Harvest offering for the food bank

🌽🥦🥫🍎🍐🫑🍆Harvest festival is nearly here! As usual we welcome harvest offerings of food which will be gathered in church and then taken to the food bank after the weekend. At harvest, the food bank welcomes all produce, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as the usual longer life items, so we will be delighted to receive a wide range of beautiful offerings. If you want to bring something to offer, you can place it in front of the nave alter anytime from now until Monday. The church is open every day, but with the added bonus of the flower festival displays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Or bring your offering along to the service on Sunday at 10am. Thank you! 🍎🍐🍊🍇🍅🍑🍆🫑🧅🌽🥦🧅🥫🥖

Our new benches

Three beautiful new benches now adorn our churchyard, donated by members of our community in memory of dearly missed family members. Last week, Nigel, Terry, John and Mike undertook the final task of adding the anchors to secure them in place. Thank you to the families who donated them and our volunteers for doing this work. The benches continue our efforts to make our churchyard hospitable as a place to sit and enjoy some peace or some company, a place for prayer and enjoyment of this space. ☀️