Directions for the 6am Dawn Service

For all wanting to join us for the 6am Dawn Service up Sidbury Hill, on Easter Sunday, here are directions and a little map:
We will use the CC Tank Track as this leads to a parking area and a gentler walk to the top. Drive down the main CC tank track to the west of Sidbury Hill where you can park. If you use the what3words app, the parking area is location “surprised.lecturing.guards”. Then we will walk up the western side of Sidbury Hill (it’s a much gentler slope this way) to the what3words location “fully.utensil.miracle” for our service.

Important note: where the map below is noted ‘No entry’ there is no actual No Entry sign but please don’t drive up that track, just before the parking area, because this track is deeply rutted and dangerous to drive up in your car.

If you would like to drive in convoy, cars are leaving St James at 5:20am for the 10 minute drive to the parking location.

5:30am park giving time for the 25 minute walk to the top of Sidbury Hill

5:55am aiming to arrive for our Dawn Service on top of Sidbury Hill

We look forward to sharing the joy of Easter morning with all who can come! 🤩

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